Common 11 kinds of extruder failures and solutions

There are about eleven common failures of the extruder. Here are the eleven troubleshooting methods:

One, the main motor bearing temperature rise is too high:

1, the reason:

(1) Bad bearing lubrication.

(2) The bearing wears badly.

2. Reasons:

(1) Check and add lubricant. Check motor bearings and replace if necessary.

Second, the head pressure instability:

1, the reason:

(1) The main motor speed is not uniform.

(2) The feed motor speed is not uniform and the feed amount fluctuates.

2, processing methods:

(1) Check the main motor control system and bearings.

(2) Check the feeding system motor and control system.

Third, the low pressure of lubricant:

1, the reason:

(1) The pressure setting value of the pressure regulating valve of the lubricating oil system is too low.

(2) Faulty oil pump or blocked suction pipe.

2, processing methods:

(1) Check and adjust the oil pressure regulator valve.

(2) Check the oil pump and suction pipe.

Fourth, automatic network changing device is slow or ineffective

1, the reason:

(1) Low air pressure or oil pressure.

(2) Cylinder (or hydraulic station) leaks (or leaks).

2, processing methods:

(1) Check the power system of the screen changer.

(2) Check the seal of the cylinder or hydraulic cylinder.

V. Safety pins or safety is cut off

1, the reason:

(1) Excessive torque in the extrusion system

(2) The main motor and the input bearing are connected differently

2, processing methods:

(1) Check if there is metal or other material in the extrusion system and get stuck in the screw. At the beginning, check whether the warm-up time or temperature rise value meets the requirements.

(2) Adjust the main motor

Six, sudden drop in extrusion volume:

1, the reason:

(1) Failure of the feeding system or no material in the hopper.

(2) The extrusion system enters the hard stuck screw so that the material cannot pass.

2, processing methods:

(1) Check the feed level of the feeding system or hopper.

(2) Check the cleaning and extrusion system.

Seven, the host current instability

1, production reasons:

(1) The feed is not uniform.

(2) The main motor bearing is damaged or has poor lubrication.

(3) The heater of a certain segment is not functional and does not heat up.

(4) The screw adjustment pad is not correct, or the phase is incorrect, and the components interfere.

2, processing methods:

(1) Check the feeder and troubleshoot.

(2) Overhaul the main motor and replace the bearings if necessary.

(3) Check that each heater is working properly and replace the heater if necessary.

(4) Check the adjustment pad and pull out the screw to check for interference.

Eight, the main motor can not start

1, the reason:

(1) There is something wrong with the driving procedure.

(2) There is a problem with the main motor thread and whether the fuse is burned.

(3) The interlocking device associated with the main motor functions

2, processing methods:

(1) Check the procedure and restart the car in the correct driving sequence.

(2) Check the main motor circuit.

(3) Check that the lubricating oil pump is started and check the status of the interlock device associated with the main motor. The oil pump does not open and the motor cannot be opened.

(4) After the inverter's inductive power is not released, turn off the main power and wait 5 minutes before starting.

(5) Check if the emergency button is reset.

Nine, the head of the material is not smooth or blocked

1, the reason:

(1) The heater does not work and the material is poorly plasticized.

(2) The operating temperature is set low, or the molecular weight distribution of the plastic is wide and unstable.

(3) There may be foreign materials that are not easily melted.

2, processing methods:

(1) Check the heater and replace if necessary.

(2) Verify the set temperature of each section, and negotiate with the technologist if necessary to increase the temperature setting value.

(3) Clean up and check the extrusion system and head.

Tenth, the main electric current is too high

1, the reason:

(1) The heating time is insufficient and the torque is large.

(2) A heater does not work.

2, processing methods:

(1) Use a hand-held car while driving. If it is not easy, extend the heating time or check if the heaters of each stage are working properly.

XI. The main motor emits an abnormal sound:

1, the reason:

(1) The main motor bearing is damaged.

(2) Damage to one of the thyristors in the SCR of the main motor.

2, processing methods:

(1) Replace the main motor bearing.

(2) Check the thyristor rectifier circuit and replace the thyristor components if necessary.